About Me.

Derrick Franco - Founding Engineer at Counterpart, Host of The Future of Work Project Podcast, Startup Advisor

I’m an engineer and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in software development and startups with a track record of building successful products currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

My quick summary

I’ve worked on a wide variety of startups and projects over the years that have ranged from systems that managed and automated oil systems in Texas, to creating an award winning app in NY.

Recently, I spent 3 years as the CTO for Phinaz Media and helped double revenue for the company in my first 11 months for the 15+ year old company.

After building up the technical systems at Phinaz, I left to help start Jumpstart which is a Sequoia backed company that focuses on helping college students find their dream job at top tech companies. As the Founding Engineer, I helped build up the core engineering team and rapidly scale the project from the initial idea stage to the first $2 million in revenue.

In 2019 I began development on Counterpart as the founding and lead engineer and am excited to share more on the company soon!

I also recently created and launched the Future of Work Project, a project focused on bringing together smart and innovative leaders experimenting with new ways of working. Through the project I have released a podcast (The Future of Work Project Podcast) with the long term goal of writing a book on the subject!

And of course one of my biggest joys is the time I spend time advising startups and helping to connect other entrepreneurs around the world.


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